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 Mod Application

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Mod Application  Empty
PostSubject: Mod Application    Mod Application  EmptyThu Apr 18, 2013 9:05 pm

What is your Steam ID?:GummyBearJM
What is your Steam Profile Link?:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045346858/
How old are you?:14
What is your email?:josue.maldonado24@gmail.com
Do you have a microphone and use it?:yes and yes
How many hours a week do you play on Flawless?:i think around 2 months or 3 months
Which of the gamemodes do you play more?:trouble in terrist town
Do you understand that being a full core member is a lot of responsibility?:yes
In 75 to 500 characters, explain to Flawless why you want to be a core member and why you should be picked for the job:i seen many RDMers and many people who disobey the rules and i want to help change it so no RDM because i even hate it also i've been on the server alot so i can help if no mods are on
If you could change on thing in our servers, what might that change be?:the RDMers
Are you applying for member, moderator, or admin?:mod
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Mod Application
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