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 Kicking/Banning RDM'ers/Hackers

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Kicking/Banning RDM'ers/Hackers Empty
PostSubject: Kicking/Banning RDM'ers/Hackers   Kicking/Banning RDM'ers/Hackers EmptySun Mar 31, 2013 4:29 pm

I've thought about bringing up this discussion for kicking and or banning people that are RDMing and Hacking while there is no one watching the server with the power to get rid of these people. I'm here to suggest a place for the community to post or send the admins on the servers a screenshot, etc. of the persons name and what they are doing or how many offenses they have done. It'd be great to find an easy place to do this.
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Kicking/Banning RDM'ers/Hackers
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