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[1]What is your Steam Profile Link? http://steamcommunity.com/id/Pepler100
[2]How old are you?: 16 years of age.
[3]What is your email?: skaterpepler123@gmail.com
[4]Do you have a microphone and use it?:I do have a microphone and I do use it.
[5]How many hours a week do you play on Flawless?: 10-12 hours.
[6]Which of the game modes do you play more?: Trouble in terrorist town.
[7]Do you understand that being a full core member is a lot of responsibility?:Yes I do.
[8]In 75 to 500 characters, explain to Flawless why you want to be a core member and why you should be picked for the job: I believe I should be picked for the job, because I good at communicating with the vast majority of people. furthermore I am good at solving problems fast and effectively.
[9]If you could change on thing in our servers, what might that change be?: I would make a 3 strike rule to RDMing.
[10]Are you applying for member, moderator, or admin?: I am applying for moderator.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to become moderator.
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