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 TTT Players Guide

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PostSubject: TTT Players Guide   TTT Players Guide EmptyMon Dec 24, 2012 1:38 pm

TTT Players Guide
This guide will teach you about all the strategies and how to play Trouble in Terrorist Town.
First, in order to play correctly and safely, you will need to be familiar with the TTT rules. You can find these in the General Discussion of the TTT board. A Megathread has also been setup so you can understand the rules. If you have any questions about the rules, then the Megathread should help. If it does not, you can contact me, [Animus Vox] on steam at www.steamcommunity.com/id/aero54. You can also contact me through a private message on the forums. Now, lets get onto the strategies of the game.

The goal of TTT is to find all of the Traitors that have betrayed everybody else. You can do this by watching them commit a traitorous act or find evidence on them. You can find evidence if you are a Detective or have a DNA scanner. Once all of the traitors have been killed, the Innocent win. If the traitors kill everybody, the traitors win the round.

The Innocent
You are an innocent terrorist. You are always on the watch and are always keeping an eye out on your surroundings. You are supposed to find the traitors and kill them. Now, how do you do it? Well, each person has a different way of finding the traitors.

The Mellow Innocent
This innocent is usually one that goofs around and does there own thing. They can either stay in a group or walk around minding their own business. If they see someone killing another person, they will try and avoid it and warn the others. If they get targeted by the traitor, they will usually use their suit zoom and spam who the traitor is. This usually doesn't help a lot and gets you killed the fastest. The traitors will target you if they know what you do and how to counteract it.

The Groupie
This type of innocent will stick to the group of people. Most think this is the safest way to play, but groups are usually targeted. These people are hard to take out, but it can also lead to assumptions very quickly. This can get you killed very quickly if you do not play it carefully.

The Conclusion Player
This type of innocent will play very quickly and will practically shoot anybody that seems traitorous. This will get you killed if you accidentally kill another Innocent. Not many people trust you because of the chance of you killing them. This tactic can also get you punished by an admin/moderator for RDM. If you use this tactic, you need to know for sure that the suspected person is a traitor.

The Detectives Pet
This type of innocent is practically a teachers pet, just instead of a teacher, it's a detective. This type of player follows the detective around and sucks up to him. If a detective tells him to do something reasonable, he will almost always do it. This player gets killed fast, as detectives are usually targeted by the traitors.

The Non-Detective
This player acts like a detective and orders people around to do stuff. These are most commonly identified on any map with a traitor tester, such as ttt_67thway or ttt_minecraft. They will tell you to get in the traitor tester, and if you don't, they will kill or KOS you. This is against the rules to do, as it is the players choice if he wants to get in it.

The RDMer
This is a complete asshole that plays just to ruin the fun of other people on the server. Nobody likes this player and all he does is randomly kill people for a quick laugh. We try to regulate these people, but we can't get them all. If there is one on the server, we would appreciate it if you posted about it in the correct format on the
The Traitors!
Everybody likes being a traitor because you get to kill people for no reason!. This is also the most strategic characters to play as because you have to be secret about it. One bad move and your almost always done with the round if your seen. There are several ways to play this character.

The Aggressive Player
This type of Traitor is usually pretty quick on the trigger. This is helpful at times, but can also get you killed quickly if you don't execute it correctly.the more aggressive a person is, the better someone usually does during a round. This is very hard to pull off sometimes, as some people have better reaction times.

The Headshotter
This type of Traitor is an opportunist when it comes to killing. This is very effective if you have a good gun and you have a normal karma. Whenever they see a lone person not moving, they take the killshot to the head. This is very effective, but makes it a slow round.

The Sniper
This type of traitor always finds some type of rifle and camps occasionally. They will only take a shot if it will instantly kill. This is a very good tactic if you are patient. This will allow DNA to decay faster than a closer shot. This is a slow paced tactic and usually becomes obvious after a few kills.

The Team Player
This type of traitor communicates and works with their team. This is a very good strategy, as one can be used as distractions and the other is used to kill. This will help you become fond of your surroundings, as you constantly have information on every position. This is the best way to play and will almost always get the win for the traitors.
The Detective
This character has more ability than a normal innocent, such as spawning with a DNA scanner and access to the credit store. They can purchase items such as a health station and a teleporter. This character is a very important asset to the game if they know what they are doing.

The Persuaded Detective
This kind of detective is easily persuaded and trusts practically anybody. If someone asks for a health station, then they just give it out. This is great for the traitors, not for the innocent.

The Useless Detective
This kind of detective has absolutely no idea what to do as a detective and just walks around like he is another innocent. This is very bad for the innocent team, but most people have the curtesy to tell them the basics quickly.

The Dictator Detective
This kind of detective takes every matter into his own hands. Since a detective has the power to tell anybody what to do, they can take this strategy with ease. If one person does not follow orders, they can kill/KOS them for it. This will get people to turn against eachother and destroy the innocent team little by little if it is used wrongly.

The Casual Detective
This type of detective will scan DNA, help players, and use credits wisely. This is a very efficient detective if they can scan DNA and help find traitors. Most people like this kind of detective, as they like to get more work done.
The Point System
The point system is a shop where you earn credits, or points, for items that you can gain advantages. This shop is only available for detectives and traitors. There are several items that can be bought.

Traitor Point Shop
The traitor point shop has weapons and items that can quickly and silently kill anybody.

The knife is a silent kill that can easily take out somebody. This weapon can be thrown or used as a knife. This item deals over 2000 damage, so you are guaranteed to get the kill if you hit them. This can be bought for 1 credit in the shop.

Silenced Pistol
This is a USP .45 that has an attached silencer to it. This deals more damage than a normal pistol but not as much as a Deagle. This is very handy if you are in a gunfight and run out of ammo. This gun costs 1 credit.

The teleporter allows you to mark a place anywhere on the map and be able to teleport to that place. By clicking mouse2, or right click, you can mark where you want to teleport to. By clicking mouse1, you can teleport to that spot. You only get 16 ammo on the gun, so use it wisely. This item costs 1 credit.

C4 is an explosive item that is very deadly for crowds of people. You can attach this item to a wall using mouse2, or right click. To arm this item, press E on it and select the time amount for it. The lowest amount of time is 45 seconds. You can get this unlimited times for 1 credit each.

Newton Launcher
The Newton Launcher is a physgun that shoots physics balls at a player and pushes them in the direction that they were hit. This is great for pushing people off of buildings and giving them fall damage. This item costs 1 credit.

The Poltergeist is a laser gun that shoots explosive balls. These balls attach to the surface of any movable world object. Whichever way you point your Poltergeist, the ball follows it. It eventually blows up and does severe damage. This item costs 1 credit.

The disguise enables your name, your health, and your status. This is very helpful when you have been KOS'ed and are still trying to kill efficiently. This item costs 1 credit and does not take a gun slot.

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TTT Players Guide
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