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 Flawless Gaming Admin Code

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PostSubject: Flawless Gaming Admin Code   Flawless Gaming Admin Code EmptyMon Oct 22, 2012 9:52 pm

Not following these rules can result in a demotion of your current position. Jake can take it away at any time if needed to. If you have access to RCon, the password will be changed once you are demoted for safety reasons. This can be edited to meet the community's needs at anytime by Jake.

1.) Players may only be punished by slay, gag, mute, kick, or ban. Any other forms of punishment can be considered abuse.
2.) Being moderator or admin does not make you exempt from the basic community rules. You can be demoted for not following these rules.
3.) If Jake asks you to do something, you do it when you are told.
4.) Warnings must be given to minor offenses. Hacking and such can be permed on sight, but you must notify either Jake or another admin.
5.) Admin/moderator position does not give you the ability to make an advantage in the game i.e godmode. Use of these things can result in a demotion or warning.
6.) Jake can demote you if it is needed. His choice is the final choice for the community.
7.) Not following any of these rules can result in demotion if needed.

Jake is exempt from these rules and they can be changed at anytime if needed.
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Flawless Gaming Admin Code
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