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 TTT Megathread

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PostSubject: TTT Megathread   TTT Megathread EmptySat Dec 22, 2012 4:49 pm

This is the TTT Megathread for our server(s). This will explain in depth of what each rule means and provide the punishments given for each offense. Failure to follow any rules can and will result in a ban. Multiple offenses can result in either a very lengthy ban or a permanent ban.

RDM - "Random Deathmatch" This is the act of randomly killing someone for no reason whatsoever. This can be bankable if you are caught doing this.
1st RDM - Slay
2nd RDM - Kick
3rd RDM- 30 minute ban
4th RDM - 1 day Ban
5th RDM - Week Ban
Every admin stays in contact with eachother, so we will know if you have been warned/banned before. After several bans, a permanent ban can be issued if necessary.

RGT - "Random Grenade Throw" This is the act of taking any kind of grenade except for a smoke grenade and hurling it into a crowd or randomly in the air. If it damages/kills anybody, consequences will result.
1st RGT - Kick
2nd RGT - 30 minute ban
3rd RGT - 1 day ban
4th RGT - 1 week ban
After several punishments are given, a permanent ban can be issued for the safety of the server.

Propkilling: This is the act of taking any kind of world prop and throwing it at someone to commit damage/death to the chosen player. Propkilling before and after rounds are allowed.
Accidental Propkill - Warning
1st Propkill - Slay
2nd Propkill - Kick
3rd Propkill - 30 minute ban
4th Propkill - 1 day bank
5th Propkilling Offense - 1 week
After several punishments are given to the player, a permanent ban can be issued for the safety of the server.

Traitorous Acts: This is the action of triggering any trap that can harm/kill any player. If you are caught doing this, you can be killed for doing so. Turning off the lights on ttt_clue can be considered a traitorous act unless everybody agrees on having all the lights off. Not getting in the traitor tester on ttt_67thway_v3 or ttt_minecraft_b4 is not any reason to kill the suspect. Warnings can be given out by people if they do not like a certain person following them. They must give at least 3 warnings and then they can kill. If they do kill, the killer cannot be killed for it, as the victim was clearly warned. All warnings must be through chat.

Names: All names must be pronounceable and typable. If you change your name to mock somebody or impersonate, you can be banned for impersonation.
Impersonation/Mocking - 1 day ban
Unreadable Name: - Warning Kick
Same Unreadable Name - 1 Day Ban
No Name - Permanent Ban can be issued

Flaming: The act of using vulgar language directed at somebody used to harm them emotionally.
1st Offense - Kick
2nd Offense - 1 day ban
3rd Offense - 1 week ban
4th Offense can be issued as a permanent ban if needed.

KOS: "Kill on Sight" means that someone is calling out somebody for committing any kind of traitorous act, whether it is shooting someone or activating a trap that could have killed somebody. Randomly KOS'ing somebody is against the rules and you can be banned for it. The only time that you can randomly KOS somebody is when you are a traitor.
1st Random KOS - Slay
2nd Random KOS - Kick
3rd Random KOS - 1 day ban
4th Random KOS - 1 Week ban

Hacking/Exploiting/Glitching: This is the act of using an unfair advantage to your ability to one up the other players. Any item such as wall hacks, aim bots, or DDoS items will result in a swift permanent ban from all servers. Appeals will not be accepted for this. Exploiting is the use of map/gun mistakes in the coding and using it to your advantage.
Hacking - Permanent Ban
Glitching/Exploiting - 1 week ban
Multiple Offenses of Glitching/Exploiting - Permanent Ban

Minging: This is the act of either trolling or constantly breaking the rules. These people are referred to as "minges." This will not be tolerated and you will be banned for it.
1st Offense - 1 Day ban
2nd Offense - 1 week ban
3rd Offense - Permanent Ban
We do not allow minges n our community, as they only cause harm to the community.

Multiple Offenses: This is the act of Minging or having a large ban record. If you have over 10 bans on record for either the same or different offenses, we will permanently ban you from the servers. This can be appealed on the forums at www.theflawless.enjin.com.

Porn Sprays: This is the act of using your spray key to post a picture of any kind of genitalia on the human body. This can result in a ban if you are caught with that spray.
1st Offense - 1 week ban
2nd Offense - Permanent ban
Unban appeals will not be accepted for this reason. The user will be banned from all servers from the community to ensure the safety of the servers and community.

Racism: This is the act of targeting any race/religion and insulting it using either vulgar language or discrimination. This can also fall under flaming.
1st Offense - 1 day ban
2nd offense - 1 week ban
3rd offense - 2 week ban
Users will not typically be permanently banned due to use of racism but bans will lengthen the more the user breaks this rule. Unban appeals will not be accepted.

Ghosting: This is the act of talking through some sort of communication system and informing another person in the server about who is a Traitor and who the Traitors are. The punishments for this are usually very harsh.
1st Offense - 1 week ban
2nd Offense - 1 month ban
3rd Offense - Permanent ban

If you follow these rules and know what each one of them means and realize the consequences that go with them, then you should be fine.
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TTT Megathread
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