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 TTT Rules/Reasons To Shoot

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TTT Rules/Reasons To Shoot Empty
PostSubject: TTT Rules/Reasons To Shoot   TTT Rules/Reasons To Shoot EmptySat Dec 22, 2012 4:46 pm

TTT Rules

1. No RDM
2. Only detectives can give orders, disobeying allows the detectives to hurt (but not kill) as a warning
3. Throwing grenades at random, in a way that they may hurt people, is not allowed as an innocent
4. Propkilling / significant hurting when alive is the same as shooting a person. When dead, this is bannable
5. Don't let time run out as a Traitor, as it wastes other people's time
6. Using any map specific trap, such as dynamite or gas, with the intention to hurt someone, is considered a traitorous act
7. Be forgiving, people make mistakes. You can always mark them as suspected when in doubt
8. Your name should be pronounceable and typable. When asked to change name, do so or get kicked
9. Don't overuse the voice chat, don't mic spam, don't sing
10.No flaming/ extreme discrimination
11. No porn sprays
12. No glitching, exploiting, hacks, or scripts and other related ways of cheating
13. Metagaming / ghosting is NEVER allowed, this will result in a permanent ban
14. Do not kill rulebreakers. Don't take the law into your own hands, only shoot in self-defense
15. Admin's word is final

Invalid Reasons to Shoot Someone
1. He is hurt
2. He has fired his weapon, even if he nearly hit you
3. He is stalking you
4. He is Away From Keyboard
5. His weapon matches the weapon used to kill someone (unless it is a traitor weapon)
6. You obviously walked into his line of fire

Not abiding by these rules can and will result in a ban. Unban appeals can be posted on the forums at theflawless.enjin.com.
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TTT Rules/Reasons To Shoot
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