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 Flawless Gaming Megathread

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-The Flawless Gaming Megathread-

*NOTE: Please read the MoTD at: http://theflawless.forumotion.com/h3-rules

Servers' Status

Flawless Gaming Megathread

-The Players' Rules!-

1.) NLR:

NLR is an acronym for New Life Rule. This rule is one of the worst rules to break, even though all rules are treated the same. NLR is returning to where you died at after 3 minutes. There will be an NLR timer on your UI(user interface). If this rule is broken more than once, it's possible you'll get banned. This is not the only part of NLR. NLR is also where you have done something related to what you were RP'ing before you died, or while you died. If you were mugging someone -- you can't mug someone for 3 minutes. Same applies to everything, including raids, except for buying food, or getting health at a health station. NLR is void if you were RDM'd; this does not count though unless you speak with an admin or an admin was a witness *or* if you contact the admins, they agree, or possibly bring you and the other guy into a sit; use @ <message> to contact admins.

Ex of NLR - You're in a raid at the nexus, your comrades all get killed -- you're going in -- you get killed, and come back to the exact same place or kill people during the raid; this will result in a more-than-likely admin sit.

2.) RDM:

RDM is an acronym for Random Deathmatch. This rule is not taken lightly, and you will be punished severely if proven guilty of RDM. Random Deathmatch is when you kill someone for no reason; and example of this would be: someone has a gun out, you think they're threatening you, even though they didn't mug/rob/raid you, and you kill them. Another example would be: you warn/mug/rob someone, and you don't give them 10 seconds to comply before you shoot. This 10 second rule will be mentioned in the following paragraphs.

3.) Metagame:

This rule, if disrupted, will be one of the most punished rules there are. This is when you use something Out-of-Character or something you couldn't normally do in real life into possession. An example of this would be: Using your numpad to open a fading door; this is the most common usage of metagaming. The second most common breakage of metagame is using Ventrilo/Teamspeak to do RP related things -- or ghosting. No using the OOC chat to want/find someone's base or house; this is metagame.

4.) Default Laws:

- Printers are illegal
- CP Disrespect is illegal
- Anti-Government is illegal
- Drugs and Drug Labs
- All Black Market Dealer items are illegal
- Anything about Murder/Advertising Murder/Stealing/Mugging/Rape et cetera

5.) Mugging:

Mugging, this is a very strict routine. A few classes can mug, and the ones who can must follow these simple rule: 10 second warning, and no spawn mugging. *If* this rule *is* broken, it can result in a very serious punishment. Do not ask above a 10k dollar transfer.

6.) "Hostaging:"

Taking hostages has a few simple rules; don't ask above a 10k dollar transfer; the fading door keeping the prisoner in is considered one of the two(2)maximum fading doors in a base. There must be 1 keypad on each side of the wall/fading door. This can have serious consequences if not followed.

7.) Advertisements/Baiting:

Advertisments; this can be easily manipulated and turned into a rule called baiting. When advertising, only Excon can do anti-gov. Under one circumstance you will be able to do anti-gov. If the laws are actually strict, or corrupt, no matter who you are, Excon or not, you may advertise anti-gov. When there is no President, or when they're building defenses, or even when they've already made laws, if the laws are things such as "No Guns in Public," or "No CP Disrespect." And even though CP Disrespect is a default law, if it's the only, or even one of the only laws, you may not be anti-gov unless as stated earlier, you're Excon. If such a thing happens, it will be considered as baiting. Baiting is not a smart thing to not follow; this rule will run you into the ground if not followed.

8.) Buttons(for Vendors):

Vending can be complicated - definitely without buttons. Buttons have a rule: you cannot have more than one door using a button as a vendor, this door must be for VENDING ONLY, if it is connected to the defensive doors, your store can be edited/deleted. Bases may not have buttons; bases may not have more than 2 doors either, whereas vendors can have 2 defense doors, and 1 vending door/box. Any exploiting of this rule will result in serious punishment if consistent between the player or group/organization of people. Buttons do not only have to be used with vending - they can be used with advertising as well; you can use them as warnings, and even to advertise that this store is our shop, please come buy guns/milk/armor et cetera!

9.) Buttons(for advertising):

This rule will be treated just as bait if used that way; this rule, being as important as it is, will be enforced heavily. Therefore, if you break it, multiple times at least, you will be kicked/banned eventually. Using buttons to advertise is only allowed for vending, announcements from mayor/cp/S.W.A.T., and for anti-gov, by Excon only(we will find out if you're Excon or not), buttons may also be used to tell/show where a shop or base is. For example, if you're organization/group has a base - you can have buttons all around the city navigating your men to your base, or even beside your base.

10.) Organizations(we're not sure if we'll have this):

Organizations; this subject is complicated; it leads to all-out-war; this is one of the advantages of being in an org! You're protected, but may always have enemies. Even though organizations can be a good thing, they have rules. If you're a crime class, you may not help a cop in a gun-fight or chase. It works the same way with law-enforcers. But, if you do not have the same job description such as: Chicago Outfit Veteran or Chicago Outfit Officer or Chicago Outfit Founder, you may be taken into a sit for defending your crime buddy. In a scenario such as: you have a person in an allied org, or someone IN your org, getting shot at by a cop, you shoot the cop, they get killed. This is not only against this organization rule, but it is RDM, as well. This will be two rules broken - you'll be warned only once - you'll also be kicked as a warning for future admins.

11.) Nexus:

Nexus; this is the fortress to keep the mayor safe, a place to resupply CPs who need ammo, and a safehaven against attacks. This place can have buildings built all across it, but only the mayor/chief can build defenses. Everything must be built in a passable way, and only mayor can put keypads. Only if you run out of props can you ask another Civil Protectionist for props. But be careful - what if he leaves? - it would be best to only use minor defenses without your props. As said earlier: everything must be passable, and only the S.W.A.T. Chief or Police Chief may build it the nexus - but not in Mayor's office.

12.) RP Relations:

Only if you're in the same gang/organization(which we're not sure we'll have)may you attack or defend or help your fellow members in any way at all. If you own the same door as them and someone raids, you have full rights to help defend that base/shop; CP can always defend mayor - except if they'd be NLR'ing - it works the other way around as well.

13.) Basics:

If someone has just spawned, never mug/rob/kill/rape for ANY reason - unless they've threatened you; No scamming, this will not be tolerated - this IS a banish(ban)able offense; if wanted, you must never be seen purposely by police. If you do, it will be considered baiting. No random warranting either!

-Job Rules!-

1.) The Black Market Dealer:

The Black Market Dealer's job is to supply people with black market items; things such as: keypad cracker, lockpick, crowbar, knife, radio scanner, armor, disguises, mayor disguises, everything you need! If these are not sold, the Dealer can be demoted - only if he's not in an org and being a "personal merchant."

2.) The Gun Dealer:

The Gun Dealer; this class's job is to supply people with weapons such as AK-47, Famas, AUG, shotgun, pistols, SG, and many other weapons! If these are not sold, the Dealer can be demoted - only if he's not in an org and being a "personal merchant."

3.) The Cook:

A Cook must always - ALWAYS! - have a microwave in the town center. If he or she does not, he or she can and will be demoted - this applies even if they are serving as a "personal merchant."

4.) The Doctor:

A Doctor must, at all times, have a med station up in the town square. If he or she don't, he or she can and will be demoted.

5.) The Hobo:

Hobos; they can do practically anything they want, they can even do anti-gov - but only when it's necessary. The conditions are listed above, in rules. Hobos can set up games around town, make donation stands, sell "salvage" that they may find - although this will be a task that can be completed by all. They can not be mugged/raped/robbed at all. They can, as stated plenty of times above, do practically anything they want.

6.) The Cops:

As a cop, it is your duty to enforce laws; you can go corrupt, but not help in raids, muggings, nor can you assist in killing mayor/any real organization activities with one exception - basing. They still have to defend the mayor, and if the base is raided(the org's base)they can't defend it. They must never steal, if they do, they can be taken into a sit. Even if you're corrupt, you have to arrest crime-doers, except for people in your org - whether you saw it or not OR even if you're not a corrupt cop. Cops can build checkpoints that lead to the nexus - or anywhere around the city. These checkpoints CAN be bodyblocked by the cops, and can't be prop-climbed. If there is not a law on something, don't ask the person to or not to do that action. No random arresting people - this is not demoteable, this is bannable.

7.) The President:

As President, it is his or her job to make laws, recruit officers, and make daily broadcasts on the city's status. This class is very strict - you won't stay in this job long if you don't know the rules! This guy will always be loyal to his citizens. But, if they get out of hand, he was all the rights in the world to take them down to size - make laws strict. The President will never put laws with racial slurs such as the n word. He can not force any one person to make advertisements; the President may always exempt his cops, or organization members from HIS laws. Although he is President, he may not exempt himself from such laws. He can be demoted if he breaks his own laws.

8.) Hired Gun:

This job is only allowed to VIPs, so they probably have already been told this. This character is to always be with his employer; if his employer dies, he is out of the job. If his employer dies during a raid, he will be forced to get out - no questions asked. If he does not get out, or at least attempt to, he will be brought into an admin sit.

9.) Hitman:

Hitman; only VIP gets this job. Only two slots will be available - so it will be a competition! Hitman rules include: Paying other players to place hits is not acceptable at all. If someone reports, or an admin is a witness to this, we can and will check the chat/text logs.

-Class Raiding Table-

Class?(-1)Homes?(-2)President/Nexus?(-3)Vendors/Shops?(-4)Raiding Exceptions?(-5)
ExconYesYes -- alone and togetherYesThey can raid by themselves with anything and any other crime class.
Pro ThiefYesYes*YesThey cannot shoot the President, but may shoot cops if being shot at.
GangsterYes*Yes*Yes*They may only raid if the mob boss is with them; they may rob/mug as much as they want without the mob boss.
Mob BossYesYesYesThey may raid at any moment, time, or place. They must always supply their gangsters and be organized -- have a base ready and prepared -- as well as have an organized agenda.
HitmanYes*Yes*Yes*They may only -- ONLY! -- raid if they have a hit. They may hire anyone to help and assist them.
HackerNo*NoNo*They may hack someone, but they may not shoot during any form of a raid!
Hired GunNo*No*No*They may raid, but only if they're hired. Once hired, they can only raid with crime classes. If you're partnered with Excon, you may raid anything with them; if you're partnered with a Pro Thief or Hacker, you must only raid what they may raid!
ThugNoNo*Yes*They may raid nexus, but not shoot. Not even cops; furthermore, they can hold up shops, but not necessarily raid. If the dealer threatens to kill them if they don't leave, they may defend themselves. This can sometimes result in a raid that is acceptable!

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Flawless Gaming Megathread
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